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East High RP News

News: East High School - a roleplaying game
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How to Apply

Firstly, read the rules of this RP here. Please pay special attention to the "Inactivity" section.

Then, go to the application post here.

Copy and paste this application and comment on that post. Please think through all the fields carefully. We don't want any Mary Sues floating around here. We'll review the applications every weekend - both the mods will discuss them - and then give you our decisions at the end of the week. Good luck!

Name: Your name
Age: Your age
Country: Your state and country
LJ: Your LJ username
Roleplay: Any past roleplaying experience. If this is your first time roleplaying, don't worry. The mods will be here to help you.

Character name: What character you're playing
Character age: High school grade. If you're applying for a faculty member, just give an age range, since all students will cower at you in fear anyway.
Portrayed by: Whose face is going to be on the userpics?

Personality: What is your character like? Is he naturally happy, or frequently brooding? Is he smart, lazy, courageous, kind? What are his best traits and what are some of his weaknesses?

Biography: The history of your character. This is especially important for original characters. Where was she born? How was she raised? What has she liked since young? Does she have any siblings?

Journal Sample: Give us a sample of what your character would write in his/her journal. Try to keep it below five paragraphs.

Third person sample: Imagine you're writing a novel about your character. Give us an excerpt of it.

Questions? If you have any questions about this game, feel free to ask it at our questions post.


Movie Characters

Troy Bolton played by [OPEN
Gabriella Montez played by shownemotion
Sharpay Evansthestagequeen played by meakame
Ryan Evansjazzsquares_ry played by supkaitrooney
Chad Danforthbbalcrazy_chad played by lkwreader
Taylor McKessiescholastic_tay played by scripttomylife
Kelsi Nielsoncall_me_kelsi played by jo__angel
Zeke Baylor played by [OPEN]
Jason Crossquietjason23 played by lkwreader

Original characters

Hannah Jacksonjusthannah16 played by sugarqueen7

Faculty members

Ms. Darbus played by [OPEN]
Principal Matsui played by [OPEN]
Coach Bolton played by [OPEN]



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